The meter tag in HTML5

You may have read  as HTML5 introduces elements of semantics in the standard web communication. 
That is to say, they are only the content can be formatted (thanks to the definition given by specific tags, such as a list or paragraph and then the use of cascading style sheets), but also the signficato of what is written on the website is explained . 

Of course, such is trapped correct we should say, that the meaning of sporadic elements in the page have their own tag. 

It happens to note the definition of a date <time>, of the percentage of completion of a task <progress>. 

So if you see (no interpreter, but as plain text) in a web page you may find it a html5 written as: 

<p> This afternoon I think I'll be there for <time> 15:00 </ time> </ p> 

Having said that, I hit a lot of attention to know how one of the new tag is <meter>, which Displaying a scalar measurement within at known range, like hard drive usage, can be done using the meter element (spec: 04/10/17 ) 

So do not indicate a unit of measure, but a value (scalar) which you can specify minimum and maximum values​​. 

The display of the browser is not well managed. 

Try to visualize this code into your browser and look for the rating "B" taken by the student: 

<p> He got a <meter low = "69" high = "80" max = "100" value = "84"> B </ meter> on the exam. </ p> 


Here's what may appear to you: 

Something was wrong ...